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  • Find relevant sources, registries and databases on ...

    • The Global Compliance Research Directory - at a glance

      Unique tool for counterparty research in compliance, anti-corruption, AML, Integrity Due Diligence and related fields.

      Comprehensive meta database on public records and commercial information sources and their characteristics.

      Coverage of more than 30.000 sources in 180 countries/regions - and counting.

    GCRD delivers information about "which relevant sources are available for research, where and how".
    Helping you to make compliance research more transparent and effective.

    • GCRD is the ultimate search tool for

      Compliance, legal and anti-corruption professionals

      Corporate investigators and security experts

      Government and law enforcement agencies

      Investment and business planning experts

      Non-Governmental Organizations

      Journalists and Academics

    • Selected applications

      M&A Integrity Due Diligence

      Supplier / Vendor Screening

      HR Due Diligence / Pre Employment Check

      Internal Investigation and Litigation Support

      Asset Tracing and Recovery

      Country Risk Research

    • The environment: Compliance regulations require Integrity Due Diligence

      Integrity Due Diligence requires expert knowledge from different sectors and very often across countries.

      For example to identify the beneficial owners of an international structure of shell companies,

      to research on possible criminal or civil litigations of a business partner

      or to trace and recover hidden assets of an entity.

    Knowing relevant information sources in a jurisdiction that can be used are key for complete and consistent research.

    • The challenge: A highly fragmented information situation

      The availability, accessibility, contents and quality of public records and commercial databases differs widely.

      This is often challenging enough in western countries.

      And many transactions take place in emerging countries, where the situation is even more difficult.

    On the other hand, information for Integrity Due Diligence and compliance research is often needed
    on a short notice and on a global level. But a consistent basis of sources is missing.

    • The solution: The Global Compliance Research Directory (GCRD)

      GCRD is a structured and dynamic repository of relevant sources and registers and their characteristics.

      Key considerations: Which sources are available in a jurisdiction, where and how can information be obtained?

      Coverage of >30.000 sources in more than 180 jurisdictions - and counting.

    Helping you to use the full spectrum of available sources.
    And to turn unstructured and fragmented pieces of information into "intelligence".

    • Delivering

      Country Intelligence.

      Corporate Intelligence.

      Register and Source Intelligence.

  • Country Intelligence.

      Select this option if you are looking for country-related research sources, e.g. on
    • Business and investment conditions
      (doing business guides and related information)
    • Legal intelligence (including law databases/directories)
    • Political and economic risk analysis
    • Security information

    Contains information sources for example about:
    • Administrative structures, authorities and institutions
    • Economic and political risk / investment conditions
    • Legal conditions and environment
    • Physical/operational security
    • Levels of corruption, press freedom, human rights and democracy
    • Main characteristics and access conditions of these sources

  • Corporate Intelligence.

      Information on corporate vehicles and their characteristics such as
    • Identification of a legal form of a business and its profile.
    • Overall profile (minimum capital, persons required, liability etc.)
    • Visibility profile (registration and filing requirements)
    • Identification options of beneficial owners and shareholders

      Key considerations:
      Key characteristics of a corporate vehicle/business entity and "footprint" in publicly available registers and sources.

  • Register and Source Intelligence.

      Information on public registers or service providers and their details.
    • Corporate records and registries
    • Bankruptcies, insolvencies and credit information
    • Assets and properties
    • Civil registration records
    • Litigation and court records
    • Police records/ certificates of conduct
    • Blacklists and sanction lists
    • Other records and registries

    Contains information sources for example about:

    • Official/commercial sources
    • Public vs. restricted access and details
    • Search options (e.g. name searches beneficial ownership)
    • Online vs. on-site access
    • Paid vs free sources
    • ....

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